Best Forex Trading Apps for Beginners
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Best Forex Trading Apps for Beginners

The forex trading is both exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially for the beginners. If a person have the right trading app then it can make a significant difference in learning the curves and setting the path to the success. That’s why the correct trading app and the broker is very important if you want to start trading. In this article I will talk about the best Forex trading apps that has been made for beginners, which are user friendly, have educational resources and great features.

1. MetaTrader 4 (MT4):

The number one app on the list is the Meta Trader 4. The Meta Trader 4 is the go to trading platform for beginners and experienced traders both. The reason is simple that this app has an user friendly interface the charts are comprehensive and there are wide range of technical indicators. Which are helpful for beginners and new experienced traders as well. This is the reason why Meta Trader 4 has become famous at to invest in forex.

2. E-Toro:

The E-Toro app comes in the second number of our list. The main feature of E-Toro app is to provide an unique approach to trade as they have integrated the social features on their app. This app is very helpful for beginners as they provide educational resources for people who are new in the forex trading. This provide a valuable learning opportunity with high profits. The E-Toro app is user friendly and they are wide range of educational resources available in this app.

So if you are you finding a app which is best for trading add through which you could learn then E-Toro is the best app for your needs. The community feature in this app is also great you can read the post of other people and take support from other people regarding any concept or tips and tricks.

3. MetaTrader 5 (MT5):

The Meta Trader 5 is the third app on our list it is the successor of Meta Trader 4 this app offers enhanced features and large range of trading options. The Meta Trader 5 comes with more features than the Meta Trader 4. The most likable feature of Meta Trader 5 is the economic calendar and more user friendly interface. The Meta Trader 5 is a good choice for people who want to explore a wide range of financial markets, as this app supports Forex trading and much more than the forex trading.

4. Plus500:

Another website on the list is Plus 500. This platform offers a straightforward user interface and the great user experience. The Plus 500 app offers their users a large number of technical analysis tools, economic calendar and variety of instruments to trade into. The best thing about beginner in this website is that this platform allows the new user to create a demo account and practice in that account without risking their real money.

5. IQ Option:

You must have seen the ad of IQ option in many social media apps. The IQ option is known for its simple app as well as the educational resources. This app is made for beginners and as well as experienced traders. The traders can view the video tutorials, webinars and can access the market with the best user interface app. So people who want to invest in the Forex for the first time can choose the IQ Option app.

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