Top 10 Forex Trading Platforms in India
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Top 10 Forex Trading Platforms in India

The Forex trading has gained immense popularity among the Indian investors in recent years due to the popularity of Forex trading has grown. There are numerous apps or the Forex trading platforms made available in India. In this article we will highlight the top 10 Forex trading platforms in India.

All of these 10 Forex trading platforms has been selected on the basis of these factors:

Regulation: We have ensured that the platform Is being regulated by the authorities such as the Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) and the RBI.

Features: We have also checked that all these platforms offers variety of features to the traders to help them while making the trading decisions.

User-Friendly Interface: We have also gone through the user friendly interface and we have selected only those website which offer a great user friendly interface which is straightforward.

Customer Support: All these websites are Forex trading platforms which we will mention in the article below have a great customer support.

Reliable: We have also ensured that we will put the trading platform on our list which are reliable and offers various deposit and withdrawal option.

So let’s start the list of top 10 forex trading platforms in India which you can use to trade in foreign exchange markets :

1)- Zerodha Kite:

The number one website on our list is the Zerodha. It is a very well known stock broker in India. Almost every Indian investor or trader knows about the Zerodhaapp. The Forex trading option is offered by the Zerodha Kite platform. This platform has a user friendly interface with various number of charts.

This helps the traders to make informed decision while trading in the foreign exchange market. The Zerodha platform is also very popular for traders who are looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in foreign exchanges, stocks, mutual funds and other government bonds.

2)- Upstox Pro:

The 2nd number Forex platform on our list is the Upstox Pro. The Upstox Pro not only provides the foreign exchange trading market, but also provide the users to invest in various commodities like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, gold and much more. 1 thing I like about the Upstox Pro platform is that the technical analysis tool they offer is very great and very helpful. They also offer real time data which helps a person to trade in the foreign exchange market. Users can also trade in multiple assets seamlessly in the same platform which saves the time.

3)- Angel One:

Angel one which is formerly known as Angel Broker, is a trading platform which offers foreign exchange trading. The Angel one not only offers the people to trade in foreign exchange but also offers people to invest or trade in stock markets, mutual funds and other commodities as well. A person who is looking to diversify his or her portfolio must use the Angel Broking or Angel one platform. The platform also provides reports on the basis of their research the market analysis and customizable trading features.

4)- 5Paisa:

5Paisa is another trading platforms which allows the Indian investors to invest in the foreign exchange market. The 5Paisa interface is very user friendly and a person with no or very little experience can also use this platform seamlessly. It also offers real time data and reports based on the market research as well. The 5Paisa trading platform is very reliable and they offer large number of deposits and withdrawal options by various methods.

5)- Tradeplus Online:

The tradeplus online website is the 5th number of Forex platform on our list. This platform is relatively new to other platforms but the features it offers are extraordinary. The trade plus online provides technical indicators, advance charting tools and other reports to assist the trader, while they are in the market. All these features helps the trader to place their trade correctly at the correct time as well.

6)- Sharekhan:

ShareKhan is another platform which deals in Forex trading and they are very renowned brokerage firm. They are forex trading platform which is known as the trade tiger. They provides technical analysis tools and the customization professional dashboard. These dashboard help the cradle to create seamlessly without much effort.

7)- Motilal Oswal:

No 7th on our list is Motilal Oswal is another top notch trading platform for foreign exchange stock market and mutual funds. They have experience of more than 40 years in the market. Their platform consists of various features like analysis tools, dashboard, various charting system and much more. The platform of Motilal Oswal is known for their research driven approach which recommends. The trades to the traders tell the valuable insights and help them in every other way to make them feel confident about the market.

8)- Samco:

Samco is another Forex trading platform that focuses more on easiness of use. Their user interface is very user friendly and they offer various features that help the traders. They offers real time data, technical analysis tools, professional dashboard for traders. They Accepts wide range of payment method to deposit the amount.

9)- Edelweiss:

Number 9 on our list is Edelweiss. The Edelweiss is a platform which helps the beginners and experienced traders to take their trade easily. They also offers informational resources to the beginners who are new to the Forex trading. They also offers research reports and insights of the market to help the trader to make better trading decisions.

10)- MasterTrust:

The last Forex platform on our list is the Master Trust. Master Trust is another Forex platform which includes wide range of investment choices for the traders. The platform of Master Trust offers real time data technical charge and the interface of their platform is very easy to use.


Due to the rise of Forex trading in India there are various range of trading platforms which are available in the Indian market to cater the trading easily for the traders. We have pointed out the top 10 best Forex trading platforms in India which have been selected on the basis of their features, their reliability, their customer support, the user friendly interface and if they are following all the rules and regulation under the guidance of Reserve Bank of India and Security and Exchange Board of India. However it is advisable for you to make their decision on the basis of their own research, as we have shared the article for the sake of information invest at your own risk .

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